Sunday, June 26, 2011

109 days left

Twenty-four weeks, two days and I'm already at the basketball-smuggling stage. No wonder I can't get off the freaking couch!

As of today, there are approximately 109 days of this pregnancy left, which is terrifying! I know I can do it, but wow. . .

Money's really tight, which really stresses me out. We've made it on less before, and even though I'm trying to find a job all the if's and different variables keep popping up in my head.

It feels like we've still got so much to do with the nursery, but almost everything else is done. We're being so responsible! Haha. It's odd.


Friday, June 3, 2011

it's a. . .


Premiering on or around October 13th: Willow Rae Moyemont-Scarborough.

She's beautiful and perfect and I love her already. :]
She was a wiggle worm and we barely got to check out her junk, but there were three little tell-tale lines.

We are sooooooooo excited. She definitely wasn't a boy like we expected (and almost everyone guessed).

Here's her face (btw, her hand is curled right up against it, so it looks all boney):