Sunday, February 5, 2012

just simply baby diapers!

Hey guys,

Just a quick update! I'm now an affiliate for Basically, that means I get a percentage of the sales that I direct to their site. It's a tiny amount, but I love cloth diapering and promote it as it is, so I figure it would be nice to get paid for it too. 

These diapers are really great, and they are super, super cheap! Fuzzibunz or BumGenius (the most popular brands of cloth diapers) go for $17-20 dollars and give you one insert, where as JSB gives you two. 

Anyways, interested in trying cloth diapers but don't want to spend tons of money? Use code "ARAS1" at checkout and you'll save 5% off your order. If you spend $100 or more you'll also get free shipping. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Don't know enough about cloth diapers and want to know more? Well, you can always comment below or message me on facebook or through my email ( or look through this page for more info and then if you have any questions shoot me a note then. 

That's all, as you were. ;]