Monday, January 18, 2010

the ballad of no-moneyness

My phone gave up the ghost yesterday at around 1 am.
I cried.
Not only is my phone my life (it shouldn't be, but it is), but it's my alarm clock, password-keeper, friend-connector, email, facebook and. . well, distraction from the outside madness.
Now, I have no phone, and it will take approximately 79 dollars plus shipping to get a new battery, I have no alarm clock (for the time-being) and no way to rant about lack of money to my friends.
Aside from my phone, I have no money for books this semester, because governemnt aid only helps out during the first semester, annnnnd I have an outstanding balance of like -45.something on my bank acount because I went like 3 cents over an app on iTunes (IT WAS A STUPID APP ANYWAYS! :().
Needless to say, my life sucks.
How's your life?

On the upside, the only upside, I'm having dinner with a very nice gentleman tonight, my boyfriend is awesome and I may see Rachel tonight. Oh, and I have no clue where my roommate is. And there's food available all the time- which is making me extraordinarily happy.
But that's it.
And I tend to worry WAY too much about money- and insurance shit which I'm working on at the moment.
Plus, tax day is coming up- and we all know how much Annie hates tax day!

I was trying to think of an inspirational quote to put on my whiteboard today and I couldn't think of a single thing.

Yay life.


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  1. whenever you ever have a day like that, Whenever I have a day like that, or I'm angry, or sad, or whatever, I always try to think of the same story. It almost always puts me in a better mood. so as far as I'm concerned the best quoe will always be: Where would the lion be without the mouse to remove the thorn?


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