Monday, February 8, 2010

ten minutes of work left

So, this will have to be quick but I have news.
On Thursday (hopefully!) Chatham or Tally will have their first "baby pictures" taken. We're going to a Crisis Pregnancy Center (story to follow) and they will refer us to a place that has an ultrasound machine.
Now- I called like 2 different hospitals (Memorial and St. John's) and like 50 gazillion OB/GYN's.
Memorial said that they were booked for 2 months. Well, by that time I would have been like 6 months pregnant! That's 2/3's of the pregnancy gone by without any medical supervision.
St. John's was my favorite. I called the obstetrics department and they said (and I quote): "I'm sorry, we're a hospital we don't hire doctors." . . . . . . . . . 'Scuse me? Huh? What? There is not even a smidgen of sense in that sentence.
Anyways- so that left us with trying to find a place that would take just money and not insurance or a medical card for an ultrasound. Until I found out it cost forever and a day . . so, my dad told me about these people connected with the home church he goes to that run a CPC in Jacksonville.
They don't have an ultrasound but they can give us a free referral to one. So- yay!
Using the ultrasound, the doctor can figure out exactly how many weeks prego I am, so I can put it on the Moms & Babies form and finally!!! get insurance.
So. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Other than that things have been good.
I haven't been hungry at all, which has caused my blood sugar to drop a few times, making me dizzy. Whoops. So, I'm trying to eat snacks throughout the day whether I'm hungry or not.
My roommate and I have a Japanese host student that will be living with us for about a month, which will be interesting. We're supposed to do all these activities with them but that will be mostly Mouna's job, since she decided we're getting a host student without asking me. Plus, even though I feel bad for not being around as much as I should be, I really need to take care of myself and this baby. That's my first priority and if anyone gives me shit about it, well, that's too bad. They'll have to deal with it.
So- Hopefully around Thursday you guys will get to see the babies first pictures. Here's a hint: it will look like a blob.

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