Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dear heart

Sometimes I wish you'd fucking stop beating already, and others I'm glad you've stuck through everything with me.

Today was a hard, hard day. For some reason that I can't comprehend people fall in love with me. A lot.

Naturally, that's appealing, but it's also hurtful.

Sometimes you've got to choose between two people, and that can tear you and those two people apart.
Please tell me I'm normal for being hurt by my own decision. I don't know how my life will end up, and I know there's lots of ways it could, but who's to say one path is better than the other?

It's all so confusing, and I wish there was a roadmap, but I guess winging it will have to do.

I've spent most of the evening crying. Over the hurt I undoubtedly caused others and over the fact that I feel like I've ruined everything.

Two friendships that once were stable are now in shambles because I'm a huge flirt.



  1. Annie, your normal! Sometimes these things happen, it's apart of life. Don't beat yourself up over it. And of course there is no road-map to life, if there was then everyone would be perfect and highly boring.

    Life is full of wonderful things but there is also those unpleasing things that happen. Dreams and nightmares. Both are fully part of people. No one goes through life without walking both sides.

    Friends come and go for a lot of reasons. Just don't close yourself to everyone around you, let them in and help, kid.

  2. A pity...But when you find that one person who you are in love with, it'll all change...


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