Tuesday, March 22, 2011

our little bean

Hello, all.
It's been forever. Forgive me?
Things will be picking up soon though, I promise.
I quit my job sometime in February (maybe mid-February?) because it was getting to be way, way, way too much for me. I really was trying my hardest, but it seemed like every day I would get criticized by my bosses' boss. A huge bitch. I loved my bosss, Wayne, but let's just say there were a few people that didn't understand their place or anything about our jobs- yet they were in charge of us because they were in "management".
So, I come in on a Saturday and she hands me a final warning, makes me cry (wasn't the first time), calls me pathetic, says I only put in half a day's work, so I should only get half a day's pay (illegal-- and by the way, there was NOTHING to do, so I couldn't do anything. I would have loved something to do because I was bored!). Anyways, I quit that day.
Two days later, on account of some rising suspicions on my part, I took a pregnancy test that came back POSITVE! Soooooo. . . I found out I was prego two days after I quit my job, which is both good and bad.
On the plus side, that job was terrible. I had to lift 20-80 lbs. daily, was around harsh chemicals and oils, and it just wasn't a good environment for a growing baby.
On the other hand, money is super nice when you're having a baby. That's what I hear. But, we've been ok, and it's been a few months. I would look for a new job, and I kind of have been but I've got this moral dilemma about it.
I know that once you're working for someone and inform them of your pregnancy- they can't fire you. It's illegal. I get that, but if they knew I was pregnant coming into a job interview, they'd find some other reason not to hire me. I mean, if I was an employer, I wouldn't hire me-- unless it was a temporary job or something extraordinarily shitty like McDonald's. Which was the worst experience of my life. But- if we really need money, I would do again. I'm ok with that. Money is money.
Anyways- I am 10 weeks and 4 days today, and we told my parents at 10 weeks. This pregnancy has been very different from last one.
For starters, we've been to the OBGYN's twice already (not for an actual prenatal appointment, but for an nurse's appointment and an ultrasound) which we kind of put off last time because of insurance issues.
Also, I've had a lot more symptoms, including morning sickness (I only felt nauseous like once last pregnancy), fatigue, and sore boobs. The morning sickness, which was actually at night, was fragging terrible for 4-5 weeks, but it tapered off around 9 weeks. Thank goodness! It was really getting ridiculous. I also had a bad cold at that time, so I'd eat dinner, cough once, phlegm would get stuck in my throat (I know, gross) and that would send me running for the sink/bathroom/garbage can/plastic bag. I only had morning sickness in the morning once, before an appointment. I got up to take a shower, was a tiny bit nauseous and then while I was in the shower it hit me and I puked pure acid. It was lovely.
My belly has also felt a lot harder in the last week or so. I press on it and it's not soft, but sort of like I have a six-pack (but I don't! At all). Which is my uterus growing, which is good!
We got an ultrasound at 8 weeks, 5 days, and I'll post a picture. There was a heartbeat- or else I wouldn't be writing this post.
It has been soooooo nerve-wracking to wait for 5 weeks for another OBGYN appointment. Honestly, if it doesn't go well, I might switch OB's, because it kind of pissed me off that she's waiting that long to actually see me for the first time. We'll see. I just want to know if my baby's ok. That seems like it would be easy to do, and technically part of her job.
JP and I are very excited. We've got boy and girl name's picked out, but I want to wait until we find out if everything is ok before telling everyone the names. Our next appointment is April 5th, so expect an update after that.
Now, for all the haters that kept leaving nasty comments on my Formspring last pregnancy, (not that this is anyone's business, but I don't really care, I was on birth control. This was just one of those flukes, or things, or whatever that just happen. I'm honestly very excited that this did happen and I don't care what anyone thinks. JP and I are happy, stable and yeah. We have a happy little family going already.
So, I have been thinking I may do vlogs on youtube chronicling my pregnancy, but then again, I may not. We'll see. If I do, I will let you know.

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