Tuesday, April 24, 2012

back to basics

Just a poem. First draft. Written forever ago. I wrote one today for my yiayia (grandma, in Greek) who died yesterday. I'm not quite ready for that one, so, enjoy.

You snort roofies through a paper cup
Hoping to drown yourself and let the
Numb rape your existential memories
Into dumb creatures staring at you like sheep.
Let the cavernous hole in your brainheart
Be filled by the smoke of the bubbler
Crowd surfing over your larynx and
Into your lungs. Let it make you forget that
There is hunger in the world and in
The pit of your stomach.
Shoot powder mixed with liquid life
Into your aorta and watch it bring
Color back into your cheeks and
Wonder at the thumpcraziness
Of your crazy beating heart.
Bake dreams into chocolate chunk cookies
And let the newness register in your
Stomach lining until you become
Happydrunk with the concept that
You can escape from the reality
That you have so carefully tried to
Avoid by using excuses not to face your
Biggest mistakes.


PS. I'm blogging more. Aren't you happy? 

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