Thursday, August 27, 2009


I haven't blogged for a long time, and some of you were probably like "There she goes again, this blog will go down the crapper just like the other ones.". Never fear, people. I'm on the ball.
The main reason my blogging has been nonexistent is that college takes a lot of time, effort and most of all money to get ready for.
So, I found a full time, temporary job working at the fair. Basically, I scooped hand-dipped ice cream or did the soft serve.
For nine out of ten days, from 3-9 or so every night, I was at the fair either doing the ice cream stuff, playing “three a day of dairy” games with the kids, or cutting croissants for cream puffs.
I’m making it sound boring, but really, it was fun. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again next year.
Some really interesting things happened during my time at the fair.
Working at a job where you’re constantly in contact with people is amazing. There are the rude ones, the sweet hearts and the apathetic. There are also the total freaks. You’ve got to love them all.
My cow-workers (yes, I am an idiot) were truly the best.
There was Will, who I first flirted with when he was telling his friend that when men don’t wear the pants in a relationship it’s equivalent to a ball cut-off. Now, I’m dating Will. Well, we’re dating each other, because saying that I’m dating him sounds like I’m in charge and I’m sure he loves his balls.
Will is a total sweet heart who wears the ill-fitted mask of a jerk. Just talk to him. First he’ll make jokes about everything, including you, and you’ll think he’s a total douche, until you stick that through and ask him questions. He shines.
And Dylan, oh Dylan. . . Dylan didn’t like me, at first, because he said he’s pro-interracial marriage, which means he only likes Mexican, Black and Russian girls- not Caucasian ones. Well, until he starts talking to a thoroughly Caucasian one and realizes he likes her. Dylan is everything. He is jazz and diet soda and Subway and dirt. There is no way to describe Dylan. I won’t try.
There was Stella, who randomly slapped my butt one day. She also gave me a totally random massage during a slow spell. Jesus bless Stella. I can’t help but wonder about her life. Her whole family is so genuinely sweet (Stella, her daughter and her granddaughter all worked at the dairy barn with us) that it blew me away.
Oh yeah, there was Will #2, too. He was my bosses son and he cussed a lot, but inside his scruffy, unshaven and XXL size boxers, he was the sweetest soul. I would have liked to catch Will at a more relaxed time and maybe asked him some questions about life and love and milk.
Milk. Wow, that’s ironic. I barely ever eat/drink dairy. I drink milk maybe once a month, if that. Ice cream and cheese I eat a little more often, but even that is rare. My favorite type of cheese is veggie cheese and ice cream has too many calories to reckon with, usually. Yet I found myself working in a dairy barn quizzing kids on the percentages of calcium in milk and if skim or 2% milk had more calcium (skim does). God sure does have a sense of humor.
Truth is, since I started working there my body has decided it isn’t going to stand for my skipping dairy and not taking my vitamins, so it’s gone on a crazy dairy binge. Today I had 2 huge bowls of cereal (granted that’s all I ate, but the heat doesn’t help my appetite) and when I worked at the fair I would have 1-2 sundae’s a day. Twist ice cream with caramel and fudge. Yes ma’am.
So, other than my job, I’ve been spending all the money I made from it. I now have a laptop, an iPhone (which was provided by my uncle, because I could never afford that!) and a whole bunch of other nifty things for my dorm room.
Tomorrow is D-day. Dorm day. Or M-day. Move-in day.
I wonder if my parents will leave when they’re supposed to or not. I can see them there hours after all the other parents have left, still crying and carrying on. “Geez, guys. I’m half an hour away. Some of these parents are half a country away, chill out!”
So, recap. I now have a boyfriend, Will. I now have a laptop, either Walter or Cindy (not sure on the gender yet) and I now have an iPhone, Wonderful (yes, that’s it’s name).
Life has been nicer to me than I ever thought possible. What could I possibly have done right?



  1. Ah, it's nice to hear from you again Annie! I'm so glad to hear all these things are working out so nicely for you, and so glad to hear there's even more calcium in skim milk. :)

  2. Good to see you writing again! Take care in college.

  3. Well... Will this blog go down the crapper?
    How are u doing?


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