Thursday, July 30, 2009

goodbye, july

Dear July,

You have brought me good things, and bad things.

Thank you for both.

You've been warm, but not hot, and just the perfect amount of rainy.

You rekindled a love for an old disease and taught me that love hurts.

Sometimes you treated me gently, like a rarity, and others with a terrible necessity that knocked the wind out of me.

July, I hated you and I loved you, as most things in life go.

In a way, you brought me closer to adulthood, whatever that means.

In addition, dear July, I'd like to thank you to my new friends. They're strong, perfect and creative. We are closer than anything. We could be called sisters.

Thank you for bringing me closer to August, whether it burns red or not.



1 comment:

  1. I hope you make this a monthly installment-
    I love the idea =)

    Can you believe its August already? I hope its a good one for you <3


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