Thursday, August 4, 2011

ten weeks

Just ten weeks of this crazy adventure left! Maybe even less if Ms. Willow Rae decides she's had enough of being in my belly. As long as she's not super early, I would be ok with that. Being pregnant is not fun anymore.

No one tells you that you won't be able to tie your shoes, or that you'll get up to take a shower and be so tired when you get out that you have to sit on the bed for a few minutes. Or that the cute, etherial movements turn into wondering who snuck your unborn baby a toothbrush shank or a flamethrower (in the case of heartburn). Once in a while she'll poke at my belly so hard that my t-shirt lifts up where her arm/leg is and when she puts it back down the t-shirt is still up. This little girl is freaking crazy. I love her so much!!!

Speaking of her being crazy, she already knows how to push mommy's buttons. I've been having some slight spotting (if you don't know what that is, don't worry about it) and I'll call the doctor and the doctor will ask if she's been moving normally. . . Well, yes? I suppose. Maybe? And from then on I'll monitor it, and decide she's not moving as much, probably because she's having a sleepy day but still I'd better go get checked out. So, for the hour drive to the hospital she'll be completely quiet, not even moving a foot. Then we'll get there, they'll strap me into the monitors and BAM! That little girl acts like all I eat and drink are espresso's and king sized Snicker's bars. . . It may just be coincidence, but I say she was listening and waiting. Crazy girl.

As far as when she'll get here, I honestly think she'll be early. Not super early, but a few weeks. She's already been knocking on my cervix asking if she could pretty please be let out, so maybe one of these days she'll figure out how it works. We'll see. Even if she were to be born today, she'd most probably be fine, but I'd like it if she would cook longer. Babies are cuter with more fat on them.

Nesting has officially begun! Even though I was advised that I should probably be on bed rest because of the spotting, I can't seem to stay away from cleaning. Last night, in an attempt to not clean, I was reading wiki articles on how to clean more effectively. Man, I need help. Finally, I couldn't help myself. I switched the laundry, put a new load in and cleaned the toilet. And the sink. And maybe part of the bathtub. But then I stopped! Promise. I felt a lot better, anyways, and no contractions or anything after it so it is possible to take it easy and clean at the same time.

I'm having the hardest time ever with how not everything is ready for her. The nursery isn't even close to being set up (all that needs to happen is some boxes, a desk and a filing cabinet have to get moved out, it has to (maybe, money permitting) be painted, and then all the stuff has to be arranged) and I know it won't take long. . . But I want all her little clothes in their dresser, all her stuff ready, all the painting done, everything. What if she comes early??? I guess she'll have to deal with sleeping in a drawer and only having a bouncer, a stroller and a diaper pad in her name. Oh, and a tub full of clothes. Which mommy hasn't washed yet because baby detergent costs so friggin' much!!

Ok, enough of this. Also, sorry that I haven't been able to talk about anything but babies for a while. Seems that whatever is going on in my life at the time is what I like talking about. Crazy, huh? I promise other stuff will happen on here, but lots of it will still be tiny human stuff, so *shrug* sorry.

Also, this is my cute baby (she's laying on her side so her face is to the right):


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  1. This is so exciting!! Your description of Willow's shenanigans made me laugh, as well as your obsessive cleaning. You're so close! You should take that "take it easy" advice as much as you possibly can. Can't wait to see pictures of Willow from the outside.


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