Thursday, October 13, 2011

fourty weeks

I know I said she'd come early. . but man, was I wrong. Today is her due date, and the little munchkin is showing no signs of budging. In fact, I've been having less contractions now than I did before. Our doctor wants to induce me, which I was against at first, but she seems to think Willow's a chunker (last ultrasound she was in the 75th percentile) and she's concerned about the chances of a c-section. We'll see. . . We'll know more on Monday when we see the doctor again. If everything's a go, we'll have a baby next week, if not before! Hopefully Willow will get sick of it in there and decide she wants to go on an adventure to this crazy new place we keep telling her about (". . . there's ice cream! You can't have any for a while, but it's here. And ponies and fireworks and so much that you'll like!").

As for everything else, it's kind of overwhelming. It's hitting me that not only will we have a baby, a real life baby. . . , but that I'm going to be doing the majority of baby things on my own. JP works nights, so he sleeps during the day, and so far it looks like I'll be the one changing poopy diapers all night, and most of the day except for maybe a few hours when I can get some shut eye. I know, I know, sleep when the baby sleeps. . . But when there's housework to do, and dishes that need to be washed or else you won't have anything to cook on for dinner, things get crazy. Thankfully, JP has two solid days/nights off a week, and he'll be able to take a day or two off when I go into labor. So, yeah, after Willow gets here he'll have to go back to work pretty much right away and I'm going to be left alone with a tiny human. We'll make it, it's just the logistics are fuzzy.

What else? Oh, prep and stuff. Everything's ready for her. Her clothes are washed and folded and we've just got to move some comic book boxes out of the nursery. All that's got to be done is our stuff. Finishing all the pickup and getting laundry 100% done (how is that even possible???) and all that stuff. Which is hard to do since technically I'm supposed to be on bed rest. Since 36 weeks. But, there's way too much to do and we can't afford a maid, so I have to do it. Once in a while I'll get a spurt of energy but mostly it's dragging myself off the couch (hey, I'm not just vegging, I'm actually making money on the couch-- more on that later) and making myself contort over the sink so that we can have clean forks and stuff.

As far as couch-working, we now have internet (huzzah!) and I'm doing surveys and in the process of starting a new blog or two that I want to incorporate AdSense into. It's basically something that I enjoy doing and that makes me some money, which is always really nice. So far, I've been invited to a panel about baby bottles that paid pretty damn well for just me ranting about baby bottles that I really knew nothing about. . So, yeah, that's nice.

I'm sure I'll be updating soon. There will be pictures.


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  1. So exciting that Willow will make her entry soon, one way or another! I was induced at 40 weeks + 3 days because they thought my baby was big, and it was actually a great experience. If it comes to that it can actually be quite nice to be induced. :)

    Good luck working out all the logistics. It is hard, but oh so worth it. I'll be praying for you!


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