Saturday, May 16, 2009

random tiny note

I do stupid things sometimes. Do you? Sometimes I wonder if it's just me that makes the whoppers (not Burger King). Yeah.

This is going to sound silly and childish, but I'm tired, so cut me some slack. . . I want to be perfect.

I want to have the flattest belly, the whitest teeth, the prettiest smile, the best hair. . everything. I really do. But you know what? Most of all, I want to be a hero.

Corny. Yes. I know.

But, seriously, how much better would the world be if everyone strived to be an example; a hero; an inspiration?

I don't have anything profound to say, so don't hold your breath.

Me? Geez, I'm just a simple city girl. I won't do anything big or great or momentous, but I can love somebody. Maybe you.


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