Monday, June 8, 2009

buh bye. . .

. . . coffee.
You have been a good friend, steadfast and there through many hard times.
I remember first meeting you when I as young, even when you were still forbidden tome for unknown medical reasons like a swollen head or sudden combustion. You were so precariously balanced on the kitchen sink in your lovely coffee pot home when I poured you out and sipped slowly on your black, pungent soul. You terrified me. You were bitter.
I learned to love you though, at first only to feel more grown up and fit in with the older kids I hung out with, and then later for your buzz.
Ahh, your buzz.
If there's one thing I will miss about you it would be that.
You could wake me up from my dreary sleep with your lovely wafting aroma drifting to my head-under-the-pillow stupor and clearing it all away. You were fabulous.
You even enhanced my "coolness" factor when I'd walk into class my hand wrapped around a Starbucks frap acting like I drank one of these every day, but in reality I just brewed some black and guzzled it.
You made me friends, even, and helped me get my best friend hooked on your adulterous taste-tingling seduction.

Goodbye, dear friend.
You will be sorely missed.


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  2. Such a fitting farewell...Here's to many new and improved friends filling the space of this old friend :0)

  3. A sad lesson:

    Yesterday, for breakfast, I 'accidentally' got caffeine in me. Ooopps. Later, when I was at work I got buzzy. I could feel time slipping away. I'd be enjoying talking, but the buzz wanted me to hurry, get it over with, move on. I missed out on a lot of good talking.

    So, instead I got jittery and flew off the handle.

    Why don't coffee mugs come with warning labels? Drink me when you want to speed, not when you want to relax and enjoy.


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