Saturday, June 13, 2009

velvet elvis

I've been reading all night.
It started with New Moon. . . which, in my humble opinion was far, far, far too sappy and didn't resolve all the way. The story is still decent, as was the first book, but it leaves something lacking. Maybe it's the fact that Bella is selfishly concerned about other people's needs (meaning: she acts like she's doing it for their good but there's always something in it for her, and she knows it and likes it).
Second in the list of tonight, since I finished New Moon in a matter of hours (this is how you win reading contests, too bad they don't have them for kids over, say 12) was Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.
It confused me at first, and then I kind of stopped thinking about what he was saying- stopped dissecting it, and just read. Ah, it was great. I'm about half-way done with it, and am probably going to finish it today, unless I suddenly get sleepy, which rarely happens.
He talks about so many things. . and I don't have time to really hit on any of them, since I'm deathly afraid my mother will come find me typing away (she doesn't understand that I feel the most inspired when I'm sleep deprived).
More tomorrow- I promise, but for now, suffice to say that I am giving up on Christianity as I have known it to be so far. It sickens me to death. I hate it.



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