Saturday, June 13, 2009


I promised more, so here it is.

Christianity has evolved into a monster. It has morphed from it's original state- love for God, love for others and hope, the good news, the Way. . . into a deranged thing. It seems that now, all we care about is numbers, money, and making it seem like we're doing the right thing while we're actually doing whatever we feel like, right or wrong.

And that sickens me.

What sickens me more than the selfishness is the way we (Christians) treat people "out there", which is a bad term to use, but I can't think of another one that seems to fit better.

The outsiders, heathens, and sometimes "seekers".

We have code words. We will "witness", "evangelize", "plant seeds".

Some people have good hearts. . they really do want to usher these people into a better life, but I say that they're naive and misled. They don't know.

The church, and thus Christianity itself has bothered me for a long time. I used to think of a church as a sanctuary, a safe place, a haven, even. . . until I started paying attention. The church was still all those things I just mentioned, but only when it was empty. When people were inside it, it turned into a confusing, scary place.

Not only did people either ignore me because I was young, they also shunned me because I was someone who questioned their beliefs, or because I was screwed up.
Because I had scars on my arms and scars in my heart. Because I was someone who had been raped by one of them- and that scared them. What scared them more is that I could see right through their games.

When they were on a platform, they were God's holy and chosen people, "sanctified" and "set apart" but when they stepped off, they were jealous, angry, discriminatory, and sometimes shit-faced. But people tried to ignore that stuff. Covering up your brother's nakedness.
Sometimes women from the church would take an interest in me, a wayward child, and try to get through to me. We'd go out for coffee, or lunch and talk. Problem was, they didn't like what I said. It confused them.

Rape, self-injury, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, hunger.

I said things they didn't like. They were bad words, they were supposed to be unspoken. But I spoke them.

I didn't call them "homosexuals", I called them friends. I said words like masturbation. I knew that it had wrapped it's chains around the feet of too many of my friends.

So, after our talks they would say something like "We should do this again sometime" and then they'd leave.

When I'd see them at church, they would avert their eyes and walk on the other side of the hall, or duck inside some random Sunday School room.

What would Jesus think of that, I wonder.

Poor Jesus, His gospel has turned into a marketing plan, and His followers have now turned into bloodsucking leeches, they get their fill of whatever they want, money or gossip, and drop off, never to be heard from again.

It breaks my heart.

I hate it.

I propose a revolution.

The two greatest commandments are 1) Love God, and 2) Love others. It's pretty simple really, though I'm still working on it. If we just did those two things, the world would be a lot better. Peace would certainly reign among us.


Let it be so.



  1. Wow, this totally reminds me of a couple of songs by Casting Crowns. Have you heard of them? Probably have...but if not, you should check out their songs "Does Anybody See Her," and "If We Are the Body."

    I also love their song, "Who Am I?"

    Enjoy, and take care my friend!!

  2. Who Am I was my favorite song for years. =]
    They're pretty darn awesome.


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